Living in Kuala Lumpur

When Mike and I were on the bus coming into Kuala Lumpur, we passed the Islamic museum and all it’s signage. Mike looked at me and said, “I know what you’re thinking. Do you know what I’m thinking?”

“You’re thinking, ‘Lucy’s going to make me go to that thing.'”


But I haven’t. Not yet.

Instead, after hosting some visitors, we hunkered down in out apartment, completed or IB training, and . . . lived. We weren’t tourists anymore. We ate out a lot (almost a necessity, considering the limitations of our kitchenette), but besides that, most of the time we didn’t leave the apartment except for grocery shopping. So basically, we only left for food.

It’s been a month, but it’s difficult to climb out of that hibernation. We like it inside, where there’s AC and Internet. Mike reads his Kindle and Facebook. I play games on my iPad. Sometimes we would watch a movie. We also had conversations about life, and Mike listened to my rant about how the color indigo does not belong in the rainbow (Isaac Asimov also thinks so).

Well today, we went to a wet market (Mike was very unhappy) and yet another mall (to look for a new backpack for me). I’ll save those for another post.


2 thoughts on “Living in Kuala Lumpur

    • I know, but apparently Newton decided it was a fundamental because Aristotle said there should be 7 colors, just as there are 7 fundamental tones in an octave (which if you think about in terms of whole and half steps is really weird).

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