Having a crappy computer

Yesterday, I was able to update WordPress exclusively with my iPad. However, I’ve been wanting to do something with Prezi, and the Prezi app is very limited. So today I took out my laptop.

I’m dragging my laptop around on this trip, mostly because I figured it would be useful once Mike and I start taking our online IB course, partially because I was lazy in deleting my harddrive on it. It’s no macbook air, but it’s not that heavy or thick, so once I got an awesome Osprey daypack that made it seem not that heavy to carry, I decided to bring it.

To use Prezi I need Flash Player 11.1. To get Flash Player 11.1 I need both an updated browser. To get an updated browser, I needed an updated operating system. The thing is, though it is no more than 5 years old, it’s already very outdated. It is version 10.5.8, or Leopard. This means that I must first upgrade to Snow Leopard (10.6) at a cost of $19.99 before I can upgrade to Mountain Lion (10.8) for another $19.99, though luckily I can skip Lion (10.7). Then I can upgrade my webbrowsers, get flash, and use Prezi.

But wait! Unlike Mountain Lion, which can be downloaded from the App store I would need to install Snow Leopard from a CD. Which would then need to be shipped to me. In Malaysia.

This is what comes of not upgrading your software in a timely manner. Or not upgrading your software while you are in the U.S. I’m going to borrow Mike’s PC.